Wuqu’ Kawoq Maya Health Alliance

Wuqu ‘Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance is a leader in research and treatment models for chronic diseases, including child malnutrition, diabetes, women’s health, heart disease and cancer. Currently, they provide health services in five departments in Guatemala to about 20,000 people.
Since 2007, they have innovated solutions for the patient. To reduce maternal mortality, they work with 42 midwives – and their patients – using new technologies such as a mobile application, which uses the Kaqchikel language to detect cases of high-risk pregnancies. In the first year 850 patients were examined by midwives using this application and 160 patients were referred to the hospital for complications related to pregnancy.
They collaborate in a culturally appropriate way with indigenous and rural communities. They use Mayan languages to access patients. They encourage local leadership by hiring and training women and men to work as health personnel in the communities where they live. They employ chaperones that lead patients with more serious illnesses to navigate the highest levels of referrals of the health care system in Guatemala. They use research methods and quality improvements to test and improve the impact of their clinical work.

For nutrition, they treat 2,000 children a year with unprecedented results. At the community level, they have repeatedly shown that it is possible to reduce chronic malnutrition rates by 20-40% in 2-3 years.
More importantly, they can demonstrate that these reductions in malnutrition correlate with large improvements in cognitive outcomes. This produces lifelong benefits, improving cognition, success in school, and potential future income.

In the last 10 years, they have managed to transform lives, giving them hope and dignity. They have been able to change the health of thousands of people and they want to count on you; together we can change the next generation of Guatemalans, instead of touching thousands, we can touch millions. Join the alliance!

 Photos by: Wuqu’Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance
 Translated by: Melissa Schroden

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