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The Guatemalans excel at, among many things, by our characteristics and unusual words or expressions chapinas. Many of these need translation for foreigners to understand. Here we define 10 of the most common.

1. Colazo: To go on a ride on a motorcycle, bicycle or car; around the park, the block, etc.
Ex: We are going on a colazo.

2. Chilero: Adjective of beautiful.
Ex: Your backpack is chilera!

3. Chirmolera: Ability to find out and spread gossip, as it is not your concern, to other people.
Ex: The neighbor is a chirmolera.

4. Cuate: Friend.
Ex: I’m going to my cuate’s party.

5. De a Petate: To refer to a person taking advantage of another person.
Ex: What a petate is that man!

6. Hijuela: Expression admiration, to refer to an unforeseen situation or astonishing event. Ex: Hijuela, I lost the keys!

7. Ishto: boy or girl.
Ex: A lot of ishtos arrived for the piñata.

8. Muchá: To refer to a group of people who are close.
Ex: Muchá, come and eat!

9. Pencazo: Very strong blow.
Ex: What a pencazo!

10. Hueva: Laziness.
Ex: What hueva it is to get up early!

Surely they are not the only ones we use and if you are not from here, maybe you have heard of them but did not know their meaning. So, now you can start putting them into practice..


Written by: Julissa Carrillo

Translated by: Melissa Schroden

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