Why Guatemala is a part of my record breaking journey?

Sal Lavallo is the youngest American to visit all 193 countries in the world, and he stopped by Guatemala on March 6th. He tells us why Central America –especially Guatemala – has a particularly special place in his heart.
“In traveling to 168 countries, I’ve seen lots. From the longest beaches to the tallest mountains, from the most modern cities to ancient wonders, I’ve experienced so many outstanding sights.

While in university I would spend many of my holidays in Central and South America because of its proximity to the United States. I’ve always loved to visit to practice and learn Spanish, to enjoy the delicious Latin food, and to dance with the beautiful and energetic people.

I was looking most forward to visiting Guatemala because it has so many different types of things to see and do. With beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides and majestic volcanic lakes, I can experience wonderful nature. In the cosmopolitan cities of Guatemala City and Xela I can get to know many locals and experience modern life. And with Central America’s most famous colonial city Antigua, Guatemala as well as the endless Mayan ruins, there are thousands of years of history to learn!

I’m happy to be able share with others and help them to understand Guatemala and all it has to offer. Too often the unique beauty of countries and their many wonderful aspects can be forgotten or ignored as their reputation becomes about other, more negative, things.

I’m happy to share all that is good and to spread only positivity!”

Written by: Sal Lavallo
Photos by: Sal Lavallo

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