The Lake and its Towns

Lake Atitlán lies majestically in the Department of Sololá and is one of the most important natural tourist attractions in the country. Surrounded by three volcanoes and located at 1560 meters above sea level, with 18km in length; it is positioned among the most beautiful lakes in the world. Atitlán, which means among the waters, is surrounded by different villages; here we mention some of them so that you can visit them.

Almost four kilometers from Panajachel, you will find Santa Catarina Palopó, a town known for its artisans and the colorful pottery they create. Then we can mention Santiago Atitlán, men work fishermen and farmers and women weave and wear beautifully embroidered huipiles. The community is also famous for its sanctuary the Mayan saint Maximón, which is worth visiting.

Located on the north shore of the lake, Santa Cruz, Jaibalito and Tzunumá are three small villages grouped closely together. There you will find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, as well as hotels and restaurants with breathtaking views of the southern lake and volcanoes.

San Marcos La Laguna is located next to the shores of the take under the shade of the trees. This small town is known for its spiritual retreats and its enlightening environment. There is also a great variety of restaurants and hotels, and a famous cliff for diving. San Pedro la Laguna is well known for its atmosphere and nightlife; it is a great place to spend a little time, listen to music and meet other travelers, and there are plenty of good places to stay and eat.

If you are planning to visit Lake Atitlan and want to use the boat services to go to the villages around the lake, take into account that each of the villages has a different departure time for public boats, so be sure to ask for schedules in advance with the captain of the ship. Although there are private boat services, these are more expensive.


On the west bank of Atitlán, just between Panajachel and Santa Catarina Palopó you will find Villas B´alam Ya. Set amongst beautiful tropical gardens, each villa has a breathtaking view of the lake and volcanoes.

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