The Magic of Fuego Volcano

Volcán de Fuego is a towering stratovolcano located on the border of two departments: Sacatepéquez and Chimaltenango. Its location, just over 15 kilometers (a little more than 9 miles) from La Antigua, makes it visible from almost any point of the city, and places like Ciudad Vieja, San Miguel Escobar, Alotenango, and San Miguel...

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Guatemalan Bucket List

When you arrive in Guatemala, you probably have no idea how many activities and places to visit that await you. We’ve made a list of the places to go and things to do that every good tourist should experience here in the Land of Eternal Springtime. We begin this series with the five most...

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The Women of ‘Ixcanul’

María Telón Roj María Telón Roj de Pío has spent most of her 43 years working. After being widowed, the responsibility of keeping her household going was what kept her from giving up. She’s a bit of an odd bird in a population that can be very critical and very hard on people who...

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Between October 1st and 17th, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, at the Cooperación Española in La Antigua, you can have a close encounter with a film that is coming to be seen as one of the most successful Guatemalan movies of all time: Ixcanul. Directed by Jayro Bustamante and starring María Telón and...

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Disney World or Guatemala?

Given the choice, a kid will choose a chocolate sundae over a nice piece of cheese, right?  Similarly, parents posing the question, “Do you want to got to Disney World or Guatemala?” might get the ice cream versus cheddar response. You can always browse online for best hostels to stay at whenever you are...

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