Magic in the Seven Temples of Tikal

Within the large architectural complex of Tikal -whose real name is Yax Mutul- there are places of singular beauty and unique aspects that not found anywhere else in the Maya universe. This is the case with the plaza of the seven temples, a place where the meaning of numbers and the importance of the...

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Guatemalan Bucket List

When you arrive in Guatemala, you probably have no idea how many activities and places to visit that await you. We’ve made a list of the places to go and things to do that every good tourist should experience here in the Land of Eternal Springtime. We begin this series with the five most...

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El Zotz

The biotope El Zotz, today officially named San Miguel La Palotada-El Zotz, is a protected area in the municipality of San José, in the department of Petén, and borders Tikal National Park. It houses the archaeological site also named El Zotz. To visit the site, experienced tour guides will lead you there from the...

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Sightseeing: El Zotz

It was in 2005 when I first visited El Zotz. During my first trip to Guatemala, I was living in San José, Petén, studying medicinal plants and their uses at the Institute for Maya-Ethnobotany and Maya research Playa Diana field station. Curious about Mayan history and archaeology, after just one month I had already...

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