Letter from the Publisher

Guess what? I must admit that I had to be convinced to do this. It took some time but I’m now finally ready for Qué Pasa to boldly go into this new exciting world of digital publishing and social media. Let me tell you, so is our wonderful team! It all started with our...

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The APP by Qué Pasa is by far the best way to discover La Antigua. From where to stay, the best places to eat, drink, shop and party; as well as a comprehensive daily calendar so that you’ll never have a moment to be bored. Plus, the best offers you can take advantage of...

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Qué Pasó Agosto 2017

Celebración del 40 Aniversario de la Casa del Jade Cena Los Patojos Festival Gastronómico de Sacatepéquez Inauguración Guat-ik Bistro Old Town Outfitters Señorita Antigua  

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Words by chapines

The Guatemalans excel at, among many things, by our characteristics and unusual words or expressions chapinas. Many of these need translation for foreigners to understand. Here we define 10 of the most common. 1. Colazo: To go on a ride on a motorcycle, bicycle or car; around the park, the block, etc. Ex: We...

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Where do pashtes come from?

In a cattle ranch – located on the border between Puerto Iztapa and Taxisco, Santa Rosa and an hour and a half from La Antigua – there is a small plantation (considering the size of the farm) of three and a half acres of pashtes, Mayan luffas or Loofah. To learn more about the...

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San Juan del Obispo

Located south of La Antigua, at about 15 minutes from the city center, you will find San Juan del Obispo. This municipality (declared in 1935) was an important part of the third city of the Kingdom of Guatemala (during its time in the Panchoy Valley). Down its cobble-stone streets you can reach a beautiful...

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RAMA the new Natural Cocktail Bar in La Antigua

For the lovers of Gin, fruits, and light and classy options, RAMA has arrived as the new Natural Cocktail Bar in La Antigua, with over 12 of their own cocktails, delicious sangrias, Ice Pops, and a couple of organic options. It joins the new school cocktails market that has been striving to make its...

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San Cristóbal El Alto

San Cristóbal El Alto is an aldea in the municipio of Antigua Guatemala and is located approximately 5 kilometers from the Parque Central at an altitude of 1,825 meters (5,990 feet) above sea level, nearly 300 meters (1,000 feet) higher than La Antigua. Most people in this village are natives who make their livings...

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Bailá, Vení, Volá

Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau, the 2016 World Tango Champions, will present at play that combines tango, dance, theater and visual arts, and the play is titled: BAILÁ, VENÍ, VOLÁ. Stage Tango is an unconventional gamble, a particular look at tango as an artistic expression and its staging. This dance creates a discursive dramatic...

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Fijate vos, Who’s In Charge?

Hello again, Faithful Reader! Luckily, my column from last month’s issue of Qué Pasa was not spot on. I ranted and grumbled about how we’re beginning to see the effects of climate change and how the shortfall in previous years’ precipitation is causing problems. Well, our problems have not been magically solved, but this...

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