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Cafe Condesa

Cafe Condesa (MAP C4/E3/G3) One of the most beautiful times of year has arrived! With it, come all those foods and drinks that give flavour to this season. At Cafe Condesa you can enjoy the traditional ponche navideño: a delicious mix of fruits (papaya, pineapple, plantains, apple, coconut and jocotes), combined with raisins, plums,...

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fish, all the time!

 4096-7336 On Tuesdays and Fridays we get a visit from Esber Octavio Azañon and Danilo Ixcoy Azañon, cousins and businessmen who follow the family tradition – which began almost 35 years ago – of selling seafood for home delivery. With one call, Esber and Danilo come in their small pickup truck to the door of...

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It’s Cardamom Time in Guatemala

When you think of the outstanding natural resources and delicious products produced in Guatemala perhaps you would first think of their world-famous coffee or their rich cacao, their spicy chilies or their traditional staples of corn and beans. Those of you who have travelled further afield within Guatemala will know that this spectacular country is...

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The famous Shecas from Xela

Whenever we go on a trip, we usually bring something back in our suitcase that represents the place that we have visited. Some people bring back a type of typical handicraft that the region is famous for and others concentrate on taking loads of photos that they can print out and turn into postcards....

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Death and how we celebrate it in Guatemala

On November 1st, Guatemala experiences one of its biggest celebrations: All Saints’ Day. This celebration of the dead is – ironically – full of life and color. In many parts of the country it’s believed that on this day, those souls who live in the underworld are free to leave, and that for 24...

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Café Sky

7a Avenida Norte #80 |  7832-0737 Mon-Sat 7 AM-5 PM This plate is piled high with so much meat that it could easily serve four. Imagine generous portions of beef tenderloin, pork loin, chorizos, longanizas, chicken breasts, and barbecued pork chops on a giant platter. Then add the side dishes: refried beans, guacamol, and chirmol....

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5a Avenida Norte #28, La Antigua (MAP D3) Mon-Sat 7 AM-10 PM / Sun 7 AM-8 PM Restaurante Del Arco recognizes that a wonderful meal, excellent service, and creative cocktails are each only a single part of a dining experience. Located in a building that’s more than 400 years old, the restaurant is one...

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Heritage, tradition and flavor: the new menu at Angeline

For the last two and a half months we have been working on a new project – the new seasonal menu of Angeline. Those who know us are aware that Angeline has been constantly growing and evolving. This is a commitment that we have made not only to ourselves, but also to the customers...

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Events in the Heart of Antigua

The famous ‘Calle del Arco’ (as the 5a Avenida Norte in Antigua is usually known) was given its name for the impressive monument and Antigua icon – the Santa Catalina Arch. On this street – right next to the arch – you’ll find a place where history and traditional Guatemalan flavors come together: Restaurante...

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The Colonial Kitchen in Santiago de Goathemala

‘antecocina’ (a kind of pantry and preparation room). The first part of the kitchen contained ovens, cupboards set into the walls and a ‘poyo’ (a brick and mud structure that ran on firewood). Due to the smoke that the poyo created and the fact that this would become trapped in the kitchen, people saw...

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