Monumento 21 de Bilbao

Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa is a Municipality in the Department of Escuintla that is located 34km from the regional capital and 90km from Guatemala City. This Municipality is home to various archeological sites in amongst the cane fields – some of them visible to the naked eye and others underneath the earth – that have...

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Guatemalan Bucket List

When you arrive in Guatemala, you probably have no idea how many activities and places to visit that await you. We’ve made a list of the places to go and things to do that every good tourist should experience here in the Land of Eternal Springtime. We begin this series with the five most...

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A Little Slice of Heaven: Finca El Zapote

Not far from La Antigua, Finca El Zapote is nestled at the foot of Volcán de Fuego in Escuintla. Originally a coffee and sugar cane plantation, from 1927 the farm was owned by three partners, including Leif Lind Pettersen and his wife Carmen Gehrke de Pettersen. The couple bought out the other partners in...

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Sightseeing: Auto Safari Chapin

Auto Safari Chapin is a wild animal park near the city of Escuintla. Founded in 1980 as a natural reserve area,  Auto Safari Chapin helps to preserve Guatemalan species threatened with extinction, such as white-tailed and huitzizil deer, wild boars, jaguars, spider and capuchin monkeys, red and blue macaws, and parrots.  There are also big-game...

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