Susan Riecken and Allen Andersson began thinking about retirement but decided to first try and solve some of the most immediate needs of remote Central American villages: food, medicine, schools, agriculture support and jobs. They soon realized that highest value solution they could offer was access to information, and the easiest to transport was...

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An Adventure High Up in San Cristóbal El Alto

According to history, San Cristóbal El Alto was founded in the year 1535. At that time it was called Las Milpas de Juan Pérez Dardón, named for a Spanish captain who came to the area with the Conquistador of Guatemala, Pedro de Alvarado. The captain was awarded the territory in the valley – today...

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Por la antigua ¡Sí!

Our city is going to shine! And no one will ever again take that shine away! After years of darkness, we can see the light. As an extremely important part of the renewed national spirit, we Antigüeños and residents of La Antigua, from all different parts of the world, rejoice in the change that’s...

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