Reiki As a Healing Therapy

Reiki, like acupuncture and shiatsu, starts from a very simple premise: matter and energy are incontrovertible. Human beings are thus “all energy”, this view is widely shared by relativity theory and quantum physics. And when energy flow is blocked, by any circumstance, disease occurs. This can manifest as physical and emotional diseases, and pain.

Reiki is based on the transfer of a vital force generated by the practitioner, and received by the patient.  The human body is very capable of channeling and transmitting energy, and a well-trained practitioner has essentially become a channel of this energy

The healing practice itself involves the positioning of the practitioner’s hands to induce energy movement over the “clogged” area.  This dissolves any “knots” that prevent energy from flowing and thus restores balance to the body. Part of the patient’s sense of post-session well being is based on the simplicity of the practice.

During therapy, the patient lies prone on a therapeutic bed in comfortable clothes, eyes closed, and is encouraged to accept the therapy. The Practitioner’s hands run along his body in precisely determined positions that align with the seven main Chakras.  At the end of the session the patient feels a deep sense of peace that invades his whole body and mind.

Reiki is an excellent therapy, since patients after a first session begin to feel better, reestablishing the order of energies and recovering health. It is recommended to receive a weekly Reiki session to keep our energy level and allow it to flow correctly in our body, thus harmonizing mind, body and soul.


Written and Translated by: Carolina F. Harrison, Coach Practitioner & Coach

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