Probigua is an organization whose main goal is to promote education in Guatemala, and does this with different projects: A Spanish school that helps them get founds to pay for other projects, a school in Yepocapa, a project called Proyecto Biblioteca, another called Proyecto Bibliobus and scholarships.
The core of the Projects of Probigua is the school in Yepocapa. Yepocapa is an hour and a half from the beautiful Antigua and near the volcanoes Acatenango and Fuego. The school in Yepocapa is unique because it provides the entire education free of charge or offers sliding-scale fees depending on the economical situation of the family. The rest of the cost is funded by donations, the proceeds from the Probigua Spanish Academy and the Scholarship program.
The school of San Pedro in Yepocapa achieves the level of a private school in curriculum and teaching methods. The students are from Yepocapa and the villages surrounding Yepocapa. Two levels of education are offered: Primaria (6 years) and Básico (3 years). The classes align with the Guatemalan official school standard. Students learn mathematics, sciences, arts, sports and recreation. Also taught are language classes with an emphasis on English (for many students, English is their third language after their indigenous language and Spanish). Currently the library in the Yepocapa’s school gives students access to substantiated literature and the computer with access to the internet, so the students can be able to expand their education and curiosity to discover new worlds.
Many kids wished they could be available to go to a school like the one in Yepocapa, that’s why in 1995 the Scholarship Program started and since this moment many kids have received an opportunity to study, otherwise parents could not afford to send them to school. ach year, Probigua selects scholarship recipients based on their economic need.

With the school running, Rigoberto Zamora Chamuc noticed the need of having a library and in 1998 he developed a Project with the name Bibliobus. The idea for the Bibliobus was rooted in Rigoberto’s desire for schools that were not already equipped with a full library to haveaccess to books. Together with the help of Probigua Swiss ( Rigoberto financed a bus, containing approximately 2500 books. The Bibliobus is an old American school bus, similar to the buses that provide the public transportation in Guatemala. It is painted and equipped with shelves full of books, comfortable old bus seats, and a large table and benches to do homework. It is driven to two different schools each day of the week, enabling the kids to have contact to books on a fixed day every week.

The vision for the school in Yepocapa is to expand to become a boarding school. At the moment, the school in Yepocapa has 475 students. They hope to receive more students from all over the country, because they believe that by offering a more solid education, students will be better equipped to strengthen the fabric of Guatemala.

If you would like to join them in their vision, you can volunteer, make a donation and share ideas with them.

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