‘Pairing’ is combining wine with another element of gastronomy with the goal of highlighting the flavour of both parts. There are different ways in which to pair – with beer or with wine, and with different dishes from cheese to fruit. Here we’ve put together 3 different pairings of wine with meat, wine with cheese and wine with chocolate.

To pair wine with meat it’s important to take several different aspects into account: first, the potency or subtlety of the meat’s preparation; second, the type of meat that will be enjoyed; third, the method of cooking and finally, the sauce and garnish.

Suggestions for pairings of wine with meat:

  • A light Merlot with Beef Carpaccio
    Barbera with lean grilled meat
    Cabernet Sauvignon with seasoned and salted BBQ’d meat
    Meaty red wines with pork meat
    Soft, young wines with veal
    Chardonnay or Merlot with chicken or turkey,
    depending on their preparation.


Cheese and wine represent a perfect pairing, but – for the experience to be a pleasurable one – you must take into account the intensity of the cheese. If the cheese has a light aroma and taste, so must the wine – and strong cheeses must be accompanied by a potent wine.

Suggestions for pairings of wine with cheese:

  • Cabernet or Tempranillo with Brie
    Strong or late-harvest red wines with goat’s cheese
    Chardonnay without barrel or Malbec with Camembert
    Chenin Blanc with Gruyere
    Merlot with Parmesan
    Cabernet with Roquefort


The pairing of wine with chocolate has been considered controversial, as many people think that they are not compatible. To make this kind of pairing possible you must respect a fundamental principle: that the wine must be paired with the chocolate in keeping with the darkness of the chocolate. This rule – that can also be applied to food pairing – states that the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine. Another important aspect to take into account is the intensity of the wine and of the chocolate – so that the taste of the chocolate doesn’t drown out the taste of the wine and vice versa.

Suggestions for pairing of wine with chocolate:

  • Chardonnary with milk chocolate, chocolate with almonds or citrus-filled chocolates.
    Sauvignon Blanc with white chocolate or chocolate filled with passion fruit or guanaba.
    Cabernet Sauvignon with simple dark chocolate o with nuts, or coffee beans covered with dark chocolate
    Merlot with strawberries or cherries covered in chocolate, milk chocolate or bittersweet chocolate.
    This mix of pairings are perfect for sharing with someone or to enjoy on your own. Enjoy! .

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