Pairing with beer

The pairing is the art that seeks to find the perfect balance between the taste of the beer and the food, the flavors should not over shadow either one of them, but rather there is perfect harmony between the aromas and flavors. To know which beer to combine with our food, we must take into account the type of meat, sauces or species that are used. As a general rule, if the seasoning is strong, choose dark beers. If the sauce is spicy, choose a Lager type beer or Special Lager.

  • Pairing with meat on the grill, beers with high fermentation are used.
  • Pairing with sausages and smoked meats, choose a soft and light beer.
  • Pairing with red meats, choose a blond, light and soft beer. For stews, dark beers are used.
  • Pairing with lamb, choose bitter ale.
  • Pairing with pork, choose a light and soft beer.
  • Pairing with white meats, choose a light Lager or a Brown Ale.

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