Museums in la Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, with its many attractive, activities and touristic centers, it also has impressive museums to soak up a little history.

Museo Casa de la Cultura: This museum is located on the corner of 4ª. Avenida Norte y 4a. Calle Oriente. La Casa de la Cultura, works as a center for cultural and social activities, in addition there are exhibits of national artists who present at the museum.
• Museo del Tejido: On 1a. Calle Poniente, a few steps from the San Jerónimo ruins, is where this shop/museum is located. In the Museo del Tejido in Antigua, you can observe, learn and buy textiles made by people of Mayan culture.
• Museo de Armas de Santiago de Los Caballeros: Located on the first floor of the Town Hall, this museum offers a spectacular collection of guns, paintings, sculptures and colonial furniture.
• Museo de Arte Colonial: On the corner of 5a Calle Oriente (on one side of the Cathedral), this museum is loaded with artistic treasures of the colonial period; including a painting of the conqueror Don Pedro de Alvarado.
• Museo del Libro Antiguo: Located on the first floor of the Town Hall, this museum is filled with a valuable book collection and original documents that were edited in Guatemala during the colonial period.
• Museo Sor Juana de Maldonado: Also known as the Museo de las Tradiciones de Semana Santa, is located in a XVII century building and presents all the traditions of Holy Week, including all of the different brother hoods for Guatemala’s varied churches.

Written by: Jullisa Carrillo
Translated by: Julissa Carrilo

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