Being a Mother means a lifetime of deep relationships with those we bring into the world.
Every moment of every day. Close up and far away.

From our mothers we learned to care, to feed, to provide, to advise and to support. It is the lesson of love that evolves in each generation, as we awake in consciousness.

This mission means making a tremendous effort, especially if we are alone. We learn to entrust our children to caregivers, to schools and to life itself.

In our hearts there is always hope; a prayer:

That they are well. And the ability to believe in life, in Mother Earth providing what is necessary for them.
And in their destinies, so that they manage to succeed and triumph. Earth receives our seeds, our beloved children.
She feeds, gives us her varied and delicious products,
Its waters that purify us, which hydrate us.
The oxygen that feeds our systems,
And the fire that transforms, cooks and fertilizes.

The heart of the Earth, the Great Mother, is a living organism.
She is conscious and feels every tree that is cut, every plant that is trampled, every river that is polluted, every piece of garbage that is thrown away. That disinterestedness in us women,
Who does not know that all life depends on love and respect?

Customs are that on Mother’s Day we use a red rose if they are alive and a white rose if they have passed away. Think of the children who have lost their mothers or do not live with them.
Learn that Mother Earth is a Presence. Everywhere we go.
If that plant is mine or not, if it lacks water, let me calm its thirst, if I see garbage, let me clean it up. Let us learn to compost and to sow. Let us take care of her and she will give us her flowers, her fruits, and her beauty. And take care of our steps.

Because we are the song of the sacred fire, we are the song of the great grandmother, the great primordial mother, we are the song of the wind, we are the voice of the spirit in the earth …Walking Jaguar, Undulating Serpent, Quetzal ascending to the Sun… We are in her and she in us.

Written by: Aumrak sapper

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