MasterCard offers its cardholders a new and exciting standard of service

It´s not every day that you´re invited by a world class company to be flown out to Panama for a press conference. Well, MasterCard did just that last week, when I and a number of media spent time with Jose Luis de la Vega, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Central America and Mexico and Kristine Matheson, Director of Marketing and products for Central America.

Like many, I have always considered credit cards just as a means of purchases, nothing more. However, as a MasterCard Black holder through BAC Credomatic of Guatemala, I was amazed by the benefits that I´m entitled.
Quoting Jose Luis de Vega, “Free Wi-Fi. Thanks to MasterCard’s alliance with Boingo Wireless, a company that helps the world keep in touch, all MasterCard Black cardholders will be able to connect up to 4 devices, with free internet and unlimited access to more than 1 million hotspots around the world, In airports, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, means of transport and during flights. This service will be available from April 1 and some of the airlines that will provide the benefit are: Aeromexico, Air France, American Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, Air Europa, West Jet, Air Berlin, among others. Cardholders should contact the airline to determine coverage and availability on specific flights. “

To me this is amazing; a real breakthrough! I have already downloaded the Boingo App and am ready to use it on my my flights this summer as well as my time that I will be spending in Europe.
Airport Experience. This service is designed to give Black cardholders the opportunity to relax and be distracted from the routine of airports while they wait for their flights, MasterCard gives their Black cardholders the opportunity to live this experience when traveling, now with their MasterCard they will be able to access more than 750 LoungeKey VIP lounges in 120 countries, independently from the airlines, access to the exclusive MasterCard network of airport business lounges in more than 30 locations including Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica, as well as Global offerings in more than 1,000 restaurants, spa and retail benefits at the boarding area and premium discounts at airport shops. This service will be available from September 2017. “

Well no more trying to find a vacant seat at the cramped overheated gates. Now I can relax in comfort, enjoy a fine glass of wine and read complimentary newspapers in an air conditioned environment!
Personal assistance. MasterCard Concierge is a service that offers Black and Platinum cardholders, all kinds of assistance and customized solutions based on their specific needs and preferences. The concierge service is completely free and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An example of this is if you need to locate hard-to-find items or book the perfect table, choose the tour that suits you and even recommendations for restaurants or places to make an unforgettable marriage proposal, the MasterCard Concierge will help you get it, saving you time and fulfilling your ideals of experiences in every place you visit. “
Well, this service that I will without doubt use, perhaps for a weekend trip to Mexico City. Surely, this will take a lot of stress out of such a trip!

Whilst speaking with Kristine Matheson, she said that MasterCard believes that time is so important when it comes to family and travel. I think it’s true to say that these excellent benefits really do go a long way to achieving this in our so busy schedule.

Thank you MasterCard!


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