Longanizas are yet another kind of sausages popular in Guatemala. Like other types of sausages, longanizas are made with ground pork stuffed into a casing. It is seasoned with salt and other spices. Similar to chorizo  in both design and taste, longanizas are made with different spices depending on the region they come from. They are typically part of a hearty meal, though they may be sliced and served as a snack.


The term sausage technically refers to any type of ground meat stuffed into a casing. This means that beef, seafood, pork, or poultry may be made into a sausage. Most people are referring to pork sausage when talking about longaniza, though it may be made with any meat. In Guatemala, the sausage casing for chorizos and longanizas is made of intestines. The casing may be eaten or discarded.

The Longanizas may be dried, smoked, or cured. It may also be made fresh and then grilled or pan-fried. Pork fat gives it a greasy feel and consistency, though it also adds to the juiciness of the longaniza when they are grilled or fried.


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