Lent in La Antigua

First Week of Lent

Friday March 3, is the day when the Holy Vigil of the image of Jesús Nazareno de la Salvación in Santa Catarina Bobadilla – where a procession will take place on Sunday the 5th.
The Nazarene of Santa Catarina Bobadilla was named Patron Jurado of La Antigua in 2009. The image was carved – just for this temple – in the year 1817 by the sculptor Pedro Mendoza.
The procession of Santa Catarina Bobadilla marks the beginning of the processions of Lent in La Antigua and has an approximate course of 12 hours, making its entrance to the Colonial City through the El Calvario.
Initially this procession started in the streets of the village – and later the streets of La Antigua – on the third Sunday of Lent. However, in 1948 by arrangement of the board of directors of the brotherhood of the church (and in agreement with other brotherhoods of La Antigua), it was decided that the procession should leave the first Sunday of Lent.
The Funeral March is dedicated to Jesús Nazareno de la Salvación, titled “You are my Salvation” and was written by José Antonio Padilla.

Second Week of Lent

On Friday, March 10, as part of the activities of the Second Lenten Week, the image of Jesús of Nazareth of Santa Inés in the village of Santa Inés del Monte Pulciano takes place.
On the day of the vigil, the church opens its doors from 7 AM-11 PM. As is common with the vigils, there will be a concert of solemn marches in the atrium of the church.
The image of the Nazarene for the procession was created by order of the settlers of the place, by an unknown author. The funeral march is dedicated to the image of Jesús Nazareno de Santa Inés, and is titled “Jesús de Santa Inés” and was written by Vicente Salazar.
The street that serves as the entrance to and exit from La Antigua, from/to the capital is closed for the second Sunday of Lent, March 12, due to the location of the church of Santa Inés, where the procession both starts and finishes. The image of Jesús Nazareno de Santa Inés will travel the streets of La Antigua for an estimated time of 10 hours (although this can be extended).

Third Week of Lent

On Friday, March 17, the third Friday of Lent is celebrated, North of La Antigua in the municipality of Jocotenango in the Parish of Our Lady of La Asunción. In this parish, the consecrated image of Jesús of Nazareth “El Dulce Rabí” and the Virgin of Dolores “Dulce Madre de Jocotenango” are venerated.
The information regarding this image dates back to the eighteenth century and may be one of the images that belonged to one of the brotherhoods that existed in Jocotenango until before 1773. Its author is unknown. The funeral march is dedicated to the image of Jesús Nazareno de Jocotenango, and is titled “Divino Nazareno de Jocotenango” and was written by Carlos Humberto Mendizábal Gallardo.
The brotherhood of this parish has been in charge of the image of Jesús Nazareno de Jocotenango “El Dulce Rabí” that comes out in the procession on Holy Monday. However, in the decades after the establishment of the procession, the day it left was changed to the third Sunday of Lent, so this year it will leave on Sunday the 19th at 10 AM.

Fourth Week of Lent

Founded at the beginning of the year 1540 in a settlement granted to the priest Juan Godínez, the village of Santa Ana – southeast side of La Antigua – was one of the first to settle in the Panchoy Valley. In the parish of Santa Ana, the Consagrada Imagen de Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada y the Consagrada Imagen de la Virgen de Dolores is presented.
It is said that the image was the work of an Indigenous person with the surname Balam. One of the characteristics that most draw the attention of the image of Jesús of Santa Ana is that the hair of the statue is not made with natural hair but is carved from the same wood and forms part of the image itself.
The funeral march is dedicated to the image of Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada, and is titled “Jesús of Santa Ana” and was written by Alfredo Dávila Rendón.
The Holy Vigil for the image of Jesús Nazareno de la Dulce Mirada will be held on Friday March 24th and Sunday the 26th, and will leave from the Temple of Santa Ana, initially touring the streets of the village then entering the rest of La Antigua.

Fifth Week of Lent

In the Fifth Week of Lent on Wednesday March 29, a Holy Vigil is held in honor of the Virgin of San Bartolomé Becerra in the village of San Bartolomé Becerra (better known as “San Bartolo”). On Friday the 31st another one is held in honor of the C.I. Imagen de Jesús Nazareno de la Caída.
It is said that this is the only image of the colonial era that still remains in La Antigua after the capital was moved in 1776 to Guatemala City.
The author is not known nor is the year of the creation of the image, but many attribute it to the sculptor Pedro de Mendoza. The first procession that it was carried in was the fifth Sunday of Lent of 1902.
The funeral march dedicated to this processional float is titled “Jesús of San Bartolo” and was written by Manuel Antonio Ramirez Crocker.
On April 2nd, early in the morning (6 AM) the procession of the C.I. de Jesús Nazareno de la Caída will pass through La Antigua. It is one of the busiest for Lent and Holy Week in La Antigua.


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