It’s Not Only About The Dogs

Educated pet owners mean healthier pets, families, and communities.
Have you seen bowls of food and water outside businesses in La Antigua? This shows that Antigüeños have a heart for the plight of street animals. Tourists are often shocked and disheartened to see so many homeless dogs wandering the streets, with so many suffering from malnutrition, thirst, and disease. There are many ways to alleviate some of their suffering, but how can the root cause be stopped?

The Antigua Street Dogs Association (ASD) believes that there are many ways to make a difference. ASD was formed in late 2015 and became a registered non-profit in early 2016 with a mission to make a difference in these animals’ lives. Rescues and adoptions are great, but if the root cause is ignored, there will never be an end to the persistent problem of unwanted dogs and cats in La Antigua.

Part of ASD’s mission is to provide low-cost spay/neuter clinics in low-income communities that have a large population of street animals. Equally important is teaching those same communities – especially the younger generation – responsible and compassionate pet care. When children are taught, their parents and siblings also learn the lesson, and this makes for greater positive and lasting change, and the positive effect of teaching children to be non-violent and compassionate towards animals goes on to affect other parts of their lives.

ASD functions solely through the generosity of Guatemalans and visitors. To date ASD has hosted seven free day clinics and has served over 125 village dogs and cats, preventing the unnecessary birth of approximately 1,000 animals. Thanks to the support from the La Antigua community, ASD is hopeful that it will reach its year-end goal of providing one clinic per month.

If you or your business would like to sponsor ASD to help fund further clinics or the educational pet-welfare programs, please email:
UOne dog, one cat, one community at a time.


Photos by: Eduardo Perez Montepeque
Translated by: Jullisa Carrillo

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