How to prepare an excellent grill?

Making a grill is a ritual, where you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food with friends. This ritual takes place around the grill, the argentines –experts in grills-, start with wine while the sausages are cooking, and are being slowly eaten, piece by piece. At the end the meat is grilled –the one of your choice- but we recommend strip steak or ribeye. The secret is to simmer the meat, (put your hand near the grill and count to 10, if you can do this without feeling the heat too strong, the fire is slow). The other secret is to not over spice the meat, you just need a little bit of salt and put it at the moment you flip the meat; that is enough. The thick meats need to be sealed and slowly cooked, so the meat is juicy. The dressing by choice of the gauchos is the chimichurri, the chapines use chirmol; and both are perfect. But if you want to be a grilling expert, you must practice, so enjoy practicing.

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