Flowers of easter

Christmas season is here! Get to know a little something about what gives color to these holidays.

During the end-of-year holiday season, which officially starts in Guatemala on December 8th – the day after the Burning of the Devil, but which can start as early as October, there is an element that will definitely let you know Christmas is coming: flowers of easter. A species of the diverse spurge family, the flower is a native of Mexico, where it’s called nochebuena, making reference to Christmas Eve. In Guatemala it’s called flor de pascua or simply pascua.

Once you see them all over town, you’ll probably want to buy some and join in the red-colored madness! These beautiful plants take almost six months to be ready to sell. During this time, the flowers of easter need a lot of care because they are vulnerable to fungus and sunburn, so yellowish leaves are a sure indication the plant is sick.

In order to take care of these plants so they last longer, they need only a glass of water, poured directly on the soil, every three days, and get some sun during the early morning (between 7 and 9 AM) when the sun isn’t so strong that it’ll will burn the leaves. The rest of the time they can be indoors and they’ll be just fine.

Photo and written by: Sofía Letona

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