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Your health is the most important thing you can have. Whether you live in Guatemala or are just passing through, this country can offer you excellent healthcare options with state-of-the-art hospitals, advanced technology, and superbly educated, trained, and certified doctors.

Medical tourism, briefly defined as “going abroad for medical care,” is a growing industry worldwide, and it makes sense that it would be. With the high cost of medical care in many developed countries, people are seeking alternatives for general healthcare, dental and eye care, necessary and elective surgeries, and prescriptions.

In many countries, especially the United States, the cost of malpractice insurance has ballooned the monthly expenses for most doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Combine that with high labor costs, the hassle and expense of insurance billing, and overcrowded healthcare systems, and it is no wonder that it is next to impossible for doctors in North America and Europe to offer affordable treatment in a timely manner. Because Guatemala’s healthcare practitioners and centers do not have to deal to such an extreme with many of the issues that are driving up medical costs in other countries, patients can get the same – if not better treatment – for a fraction of the price they would pay elsewhere.

Besides the financial savings, there are other benefits. You do not need a referral to see a specialist. There are not month-long waiting lists to see the doctor or for important procedures, and you will find that you will spend a lot less time waiting in the reception area. Many exams, tests, and procedures that have been allocated to nurses and technician in other countries are still performed by doctors here in Guatemala, meaning you will spend more time with your actual physician, who in turn will get to know you and your needs much better.

Of course, when seeking healthcare outside of your own country and the system you know, many questions arise: How well are the doctors trained? How will I communicate with them? What are the medical facilities like? In Guatemala you will find many doctors who have not only studied in competitive programs at excellent national universities, but who have also studied abroad to hone their skills
at top universities and teaching hospitals in South and North America and Europe, earning international certifications and accreditation. You will find plenty of doctors who speak English fluently, and many who speak other languages as well. You will also find fully equipped and modern hospitals and clinics with the latest technology, private recovery rooms which resemble high-end hotels instead of dreary, shared hospital rooms, and a high ratio of hospital staff and nurses to patients, giving you much more personalized care.

Whether you need a comprehensive check- up, dental or eye care, a life-saving treatment, routine or complex specialized surgery, or you are interested in elective procedures, Guatemala offers you many excellent and affordable healthcare options. In the following pages, designed to cut out and save, Qué Pasa introduces you to some of Guatemala City and La Antigua’s top doctors.


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