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ENLACE was founded in 2005 with its first graduate, which quickly became widely accepted and soon spread throughout the interior of the country. In 10 years, this organization has already helped more than three thousand teachers, more than 20 thousand parents and more than 135 thousand students in more than 500 schools. Thanks to the help of its collaborators and founders, who have succeeded in promoting training and creating leaders in different communities; generating positive changes for the country.

ENLACE is an organization that seeks to optimize school education in Guatemala, this is achieved by providing training to teachers and parents, who are key figures for the development of the students. Its purpose is to create a multiplier change in Guatemalan society and promote values through education; as well as helping to overcome as the people who train constantly, helping educators professionally and strengthening the community through its various actions and programs.

Teachers – mostly from public education – seek to be leaders in their communities and ENLACE facilitates this task with their training; as well, they train parents so that they can support each other. Currently four thousand teachers have graduated thanks to the ENLACE programs and 35 thousand parents; working in 14 municipios of Guatemala.

If you would like to know more about their training or would like to donate to help this organization, you can do so by contacting them.


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Translated by: Melissa Schroden 

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