El Club Antigüeño

In La Antigua people from all over the world have settled down, started families, businesses and lifelong friendships. It is often said that it is the beauty of Antigua that inspires people to come and visit but it is the community that convinces them to stay. Nowhere is that notion better represented than at Club Antigüeño. Located just outside of town on the road to San Felipe, this sports club has become a social center for over thirty different nationalities. Of the one hundred members, almost half are foreigners. “But it is the mix of Guatemalans and “gringos” that makes it special”, says Elias Fischer, 38, from Sweden, who has been a member for over 10 years.

“In the beginning, all the contacts I got were great for my business. If it weren’t for this club I wouldn’t have been able to build up my company here. It is all the friends I have made that matters most”.
For Kim Dietrich, 42, the club has provided an amazing playground for her three kids. Here is where they learned how to swim and play tennis and ping-pong. They can run around without much supervision. “Growing up in Guatemala is not like other countries. It is important for kids to feel free somewhere. The club has given my kids that feeling”.

Founded in 1890 Club Antigüeño is the oldest sports club in Central America. It has five tennis courts and two squash courts. In the restaurant area, you can relax and play a game of billiards or ping-pong while waiting for the restaurant’s famous ceviche. “This year we are planning on building a new gym and a new play area for kids” explains Elias Fischer, who is the president of the club. “We actually have a really good economy in this club so we are going to see a lot of new interesting things being built in the coming years”.

Ryan Mueller, 18, started to play tennis at the club when he was two years old. He is now one of the top players in Central America in his age group, and next year he is off to the prestigious Wake Forest University on a tennis scholarship. “It is amazing!”, Ryan’s dad, Richard, says: “I saw both my kids grow up in this club. The trainers, Carlos and Abel, the other members, we are all like family here. I have so many amazing memories from this place. And now, partially thanks to this club, my son gets to go to one of the best universities in the world.”

Si estás interesado en conocer más sobre el club, o si deseas visitarlo, puedes llamar al
7882-4061 para más información.

Written by:  Elías Fischer
Translated by: Julissa Carrillo

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