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The gastronomic identity of Guatemala is part of all of us Guatemalans, of who we are, the way we eat – almost from the moment we are born – even if it is not so obvious, even if it is so much a part of our daily life we don’t realize it. The taste of our country runs in our veins with every craving, with each yearning, with every food custom.

In Guatemala, thanks to our pluriculturality (and the influences that came after the conquest), our cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world. The particularities of each region of the country, coupled with the abundance and richness of our fields and crops, with ingredients, with names we often don’t know – even when we live relatively close to where they are grown – should be by themselves a tourist attraction.

We can’t separate our Guatemalan roots from who we are. Our manifest flavors in our intangible heritages, ingredients and culinary techniques must be recognized and rediscovered, respected: first by each one of us, so we can be delighted by our ancestral recipes and understand their value; and then, exposing them to the world as what they are, the delicious Identity of a culture.

Ideally, we should be able to offer the world the journey of a lifetime, one in which everyone who visits us can delight in the unique landscapes of each of our regions and then, after wonderful journeys, they could sit at the table to discover those particular flavors, aromas and textures that describe our history, as a country, as cities bound together, as families full of wisdom.

If we think about it, some of the most memorable moments in our lives have been built around food: sowing our own herbs in the home garden or buying the ingredients in the market –paying close attention to how our mothers or grandmothers choose the fruits or vegetables – and then watching whoever cooks them, picking up every detail and every ingredient while making sure the tortillas won’t burn.

Food is more than nutrition for the body, a good chicken broth consoles the saddest of hearts and a hearty tamal makes us feel loved, and part of a family. Guatemalan cuisine does that, it conveys a message, it makes you fall in love, it welcomes and promises reunions. Guatemalan cuisine is more than food, it is just knowing you belong. Guess what? There is so much more than what people usually get to see or taste. We are fortunate to live in a land of eternal spring that won’t ever stop surprising us with the variety and quality of its ingredients.

Discovering or rediscovering ancestral flavours – presented in a traditional or innovative way with a unique touch – becomes a portal that opens the doors to Guatemala, to who we are as a country. Our task as Guatemalans is easy: let’s love what is ours and let’s share it with the world!

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