The celebration of Semana Santa in La Antigua Guatemala is both a religious and secular spectacle that is truly worth experiencing.

Upon this celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the whole city is transformed into a huge stage where hundreds of men, women and children take on the roles of those involved in the Passion and who – year after year – live each event to the maximum.

Grouped into their religious Hermandades (Brotherhoods) – or simply present as faithful observers – you will see people accompanying the processions, dressed in purple, black or white tunics, walking alongside the colourful representations of Christ – surrounded by aromas and traditions such as the smell of incense and the sound of the tun and the tzijolaj.

La Antigua is recognised worldwide as one of the most important stages upon which different acts of faith and devotion are acted out.

In his photography exhibition, Paul Ancalmo captures with his camera lens not just the tangible – the visual spectacle full of the colors of this time of year – but also the intangible…the faith and devotion reflected on the faces of the faithful as they participate in the solemn processions. His exhibition can’t just be appreciated by sight, your sense of smell will be awakened by the memory of incense and flor de corozo, as your ears will be invaded by the sound of the funeral marches and the strident sound of the fireworks.

La Antigua

To experience a Semana Santa in La Antigua is a sensory and spiritual experience that this exhibition transmits completely.

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