If you ever dreamed of becoming an archaeologist and imagined what it would be like to excavate and discover ancient treasures, full of mysteries and important historical value, this activity is for you (and the children that are close to you).

La Casa del Jade and La Universidad del Valle de Guatemala have joined efforts (and information and love for our country) and have created an activity in which the whole family can participate. With the aim of raising awareness of the Mayan culture and jade; and giving children the opportunity to play as archeologists, while learning and having fun, they have created a brilliant activity: “Chiquiarqueólogo”.

The activity begins at the Mesoamerican Jade Museum (inside La Casa del Jade (MAP D4), with a fun and entertaining tour that has been specially adapted for children.
Then, the entire family gets involved with the archaeological tools and discover, buried in the sand, a replica of a jade mask found in Tikal.

Exploring, discovering and imagining; children are learning, not only about Guatemala’s culture, but also how to solve problems using their senses. This enriching activity also has the objective that the families share in a fun and cultural moment.

If you are interested in having fun participating in this activity with your family, you can do it any Sunday in May.

Casa del Jade, 4a Calle Oriente, Edificio El  Jaulón, (MAP D4)
10:30 AM-4 PM | RSVP 7932-5730

Written: Julissa Carillo
Photos by: Casa del Jade / Eduardo Montepeque
Trnaslated: Melissa Schroden

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