Chapin Words 2

Shuco: Delicious toasted bread with your choice of different sausages or meats, topped with guacamole, cabbage, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.

Chuchito: Corn dough, filled with meat (chicken, beef or pork) with tomato sauce. Cooked wrapped in leaves.

Chiltepe: Wild chile use in the Guatemalan gastronomy, it can be prepare in different ways.

Mixtas: Corn tortilla with sausage, avocado, cabbage, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Un agua: When a chapín asks you to get him “una agua” from the store, he is asking you for a soda.

Garnacha: Fried corn tortillas, topped with ground beef and tomatoe sauce; famous at the fairs.

Fresco: Flavored waters, natural or artificially, limonade, orangeade, orgeat, etc.

Granizadas: Crushed ice, sweet syrup and a diversity of toppings and other flavors to choose from.

Paches: Tamale made from mashed potatoes, with a piece of meat (chicken, beef or pork) and tomato sauce.

Curtido: Beetroot salad, with green beans, peas, broccoli, carrots and onions; seasoned with vinegar and various herbs.

Enchiladas: Fried tortillas, with curtido topeed with ground beef, a boiled egg and souce.

Rellenitos:  Plantain dough, filled with black beans and a sauce made with chocolate, fried and covered in sugar.

Envueltos: Everything that chapines eat that has been wrapped in egg and fried: green beans, cauliflower, fish and other meats and different vegetables.

Ponche: Beverage, prepared with a variety of fruits and seeds. It´s typical for Christmas season.

Batido: This is the usual beverage people enjoy during Lent and Holy Week´s vigils, it´s prepared with the juice of a seed called súchiles and tiste.

Tostada: Fried corn tortillas with your choice of: beans, tomato sauce, avocado, ground beef; and topped with tomato sauce, parsley and hard cheese.

Doblada: Corn dough, filled with cheese or pork rind, fried and topped with cabbage, avocado, tomato sauce, parsley and hard cheese.

Chirmol: Tomatoes, miltomates and onions; everything roasted and then crushed. Seasoned with lemon, salt and mint. Perfect for a good steak.

Cusha: Fermented fruits broth. Highly dangerous beverage, can get you drunk in an instant!

Chancletas: Guatemalan dessert made with chayote puree.

Michelada: Tomato juice prepared with, worcestershire lemon and salt; with beer of your choice. We recommend you try it accompanied with a ceviche.

Picositas: Prepared beer with worcestershire sauce, lemon, salt, chopped purple onion and chiltepe. You must drink it from the can.

Cimarrona: Sparkling water prepared with lemon and salt. Perfect for hangovers.

Champurrada: Famous toasted sweet bread, made with butter, chapines dunk them in their coffee.

Buñuelo: Little ball of dough, fried and bathed in honey.

Mollete: Bread filled with cream, wrapped in egg whites and fried. Eaten in a light sweet sauce.

Tayuyitos: Corn dough filled with beans, cooked wrapped in leaves.

Cambrayes: Small tamales made of corn dough, with anise, raisins and chocolate.

Picado: Chopped radishes, with onion, tomato and mint; seasoned with salt and lemon. It is used as a side dish to accompany pork rinds with tortillas.

Ricito: Generic definition for any kind of salty snack (like chips).

Chile relleno: Pepper or jalapeno pepper filled with ground beef wrapped in egg whites and fried.

Chan: Known to the rest of the world as chia.

Barquillos: Tubes of toasted dough that can be eaten with different ingredients (such as ice cream). Chapines eat them straight from the plastic bag at holy vigils.

Corbatas: Typical dessert made with condensed milk, sugar and cinnamon.

Written / tranlated by: Julissa Carillo

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