An Adventure High Up in San Cristóbal El Alto

According to history, San Cristóbal El Alto was founded in the year 1535. At that time it was called Las Milpas de Juan Pérez Dardón, named for a Spanish captain who came to the area with the Conquistador of Guatemala, Pedro de Alvarado. The captain was awarded the territory in the valley – today...

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Guatemalan Bucket List

When you arrive in Guatemala, you probably have no idea how many activities and places to visit that await you. We’ve made a list of the places to go and things to do that every good tourist should experience here in the Land of Eternal Springtime. We begin this series with the five most...

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Whale Watching in Guatemala

Although there are no specific dates, generally during the month of December and the first few months of the year, there’s a great natural spectacle off the Pacific coast of Guatemala: whale migrations. Heading out to sea to observe the huge mammals has become a fascinating option for those who want to have an...

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How to ride a Chicken Bus

The chicken buses, named because chickens are occasionally among the passengers, are Guatemala’s cheapest form of public transportation and often the only way, outside of private taxis, to reach many destinations in Guatemala. Formerly school buses from the United States, chicken buses are often colorfully painted and may also feature flashing lights, crucifixes, prayers,...

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How Many People Can You Fit Inside a Chicken Bus?

Ask any Guatemalan this while they are crammed inside a chicken bus, with their bags pressed up against their chest and someone else’s limbs tangled around them, and they will smile and answer, “Una más.” While it does seem that there is no limit to the amount of people that are squeezed inside our...

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Why not Import it?

Let’s say you decide to stay in Guatemala. The perfect weather and lovely setting has grown on you and you want to make this country your home. You later decide that even though you’ve had fun mingling with the locals over martinis, it’s time to get your own business started – assuming of course...

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