During our childhood we could not miss eating a chocobanano, it’s so famous in the popular gastronomy of Guatemala that -in any shop, in any town- you cannot miss this it. The traditional recipe was frozen bananas, coated with melted chocolate; but now, the imagination of those who prepare this delight has exceeded limits...

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San Crispín y el Zapatero

On October 25th, San Crispín and San Crispiano are celebrated, brothers who dedicated themselves to evangelizing and at night -for their sustenance- they dedicated themselves to making shoes. That is why they have designated as a patron saint of shoemakers to St. Crispin. For people who are engaged in this profession, this date is...

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The Cobblestones of La Antigua

A characteristic of the colonial appearance of La Antigua is the cobblestones, as it is the way in which the Spanish Crown imposed for its public spaces as a measure of health and adornment. Thanks to these cobblestones, La Antigua is considered one of the first planned cities of America – because it was...

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Visit Jocotenango

As you go along Calle Ancha de los Herreros, towards the North – after 5 minutes weaving through all the cyclists and motorbikes – youll reach a small but unique town; interesting not only because of the people who live there, but for what they have achieved as well. Once you reach an irregular-shaped...

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Words by chapines

The Guatemalans excel at, among many things, by our characteristics and unusual words or expressions chapinas. Many of these need translation for foreigners to understand. Here we define 10 of the most common. 1. Colazo: To go on a ride on a motorcycle, bicycle or car; around the park, the block, etc. Ex: We...

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At the Fair

This is the month, in which all the antigüeños, begin the countdown for the day at the fair. On July 25th, the city of La Antigua celebrates its patron – Santiago de los Caballeros (St. James). As part of this celebration, the fair arrives in La Antigua (and later on moves to its surrounding...

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Conversations, Cocktails & Absinthe

The Ocelot bar has been a part of Antigua nightlife for a long time, serving drinks and providing fun for locals and foreigners for seven years. Since April, Ocelot has a fresh new concept – low lights, wooded paneling and comfortable boots for pleasant conversation- and new tasty cocktails, and absinthe – a herbal...

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Art in the streets of Comalapa

An artist has the ability, and the gift, to create art out of even the simplest of things; and the large number of artists from San Juan Comalapa – at about 35 kilometres north from La Antigua – are no exception. It is thanks to its talented artists and the overflow of imagination and...

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Fijate Vos, ¿Qué tal, mi Fiel Lector?

Howdy, my Faithful Reader! This month I’m wearing my 1930s-style reporter’s fedora and I’m in full newsman mode, so buckle up for some hard news (with a few snarky comments, to be sure). First let’s talk about how Guatemala’s Clown-In-Chief, former TV comic and current President, Jimmy Morales, is feeling political pressure over two...

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The Town Where Coffins Are Commonplace

San Antonio Aguas Calientes is a municipio in the department of Sacatepéquez and is located about 30 minutes from downtown La Antigua. With a size of a little more than 15 square kilometers (almost 6 square miles), the municipio is composed of two villages or aldeas: San Andrés Ceballos and Santiago Zamora. To get...

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