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Saint Joseph Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral de San José) is a Roman Catholic church in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. The original church was built around 1541, but suffered several earthquakes throughout its history, and the first church building was demolished in 1669.

Qué Pasó Agosto 2017

Celebración del 40 Aniversario de la Casa del Jade Cena Los Patojos Festival Gastronómico de Sacatepéquez Inauguración Guat-ik Bistro Old Town Outfitters Señorita Antigua  

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San Cristóbal El Alto

San Cristóbal El Alto is an aldea in the municipio of Antigua Guatemala and is located approximately 5 kilometers from the Parque Central at an altitude of 1,825 meters (5,990 feet) above sea level, nearly 300 meters (1,000 feet) higher than La Antigua. Most people in this village are natives who make their livings...

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Meet Francisco Javier Morales

La Antigua has many aspects that make it unique, but mainly it is all related to the people who live in it and who have made history in this beautiful city. We present you with a short biography of an outstanding individual from La Antigua. Francisco Javier Morales Porras was born in La Antigua...

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Good Hotel

GIVING THE UNEMPLOYED TOOLS AND TRAINING FOR SUCCESS The Good Training program offers unemployed locals and illiterate single moms custom-made hospitality training and the chance to build a new future. After successfully completing our training program, trainees receive on-the-job experience and a full-time salary at Good Hotel, after which we offer support in helping...

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Life as a 0.5 Chapin

Have you ever felt like you were living in two different worlds at once? One where you constantly look both ways before crossing the street at the cross walk, and the other where you slowly, carefree cross the street at anytime, almost exclusively as a “J-walker.” Well after living in Antigua surrounded with Chapines...

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Museums in la Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, with its many attractive, activities and touristic centers, it also has impressive museums to soak up a little history. • Museo Casa de la Cultura: This museum is located on the corner of 4ª. Avenida Norte y 4a. Calle Oriente. La Casa de la Cultura, works as a center for cultural and...

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El Club Antigüeño

In La Antigua people from all over the world have settled down, started families, businesses and lifelong friendships. It is often said that it is the beauty of Antigua that inspires people to come and visit but it is the community that convinces them to stay. Nowhere is that notion better represented than at...

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Boxing for charity in La Antigua

A fun charity boxing match that allowed local business owners to duke it out in a safe and professional event was the talk of Antigua recently. How did this come about? Well it was the brainchild of Eric Grahm, the certified Boxing Fitness Trainer who owns Training Camp and Antigua Fitness after he and...

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Lent in La Antigua

First Week of Lent Friday March 3, is the day when the Holy Vigil of the image of Jesús Nazareno de la Salvación in Santa Catarina Bobadilla – where a procession will take place on Sunday the 5th. The Nazarene of Santa Catarina Bobadilla was named Patron Jurado of La Antigua in 2009. The...

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Historical and Traditional Symbols in a Procession

In a procession there are several symbols that are intended to move us to a different time period. The Romans with their costumes, the horses and banners; and as in a parade, all march in two rows on both sides of the streets. With a banner in the middle with the acronym SPQR: “Senatus...

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