MasterCard offers its cardholders a new and exciting standard of service

It´s not every day that you´re invited by a world class company to be flown out to Panama for a press conference. Well, MasterCard did just that last week, when I and a number of media spent time with Jose Luis de la Vega, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Central America and...

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Antigua’s Central Park

It has been well known for a while that the Parque Central in Antigua has been in need of an urgent renovation. This attractive park needed to be organized and beautified; especially bearing in mind the grand manner in which it was constructed during one of several periods in which my Grandfather – Manuel...

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Arroz Criollo

Usually the dish that’s called arroz criollo (creole rice) is prepared at home and is used as a complement or side dish for many of the soups and other sauce-based dishes of traditional Guatemalan cuisine. It’s basically just white rice, and the only difference is that other ingredients (optional and to taste) are added...

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