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Have you ever wondered if ilnesses have deep emotional roots – that they may be healed when underlying disturbing emotions are resolved? This line of questioning was posed and answered by Enric Corbera of BioNeuroEmoción, after many years of research and practice.

There is – as most of us understand – a close relationship between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. When these four aspects are not balanced – and importantly – when our beliefs, at the unconscious level, negatively impact and limit us, we live repetitive patterns of behavior. This interconnectivity can cause the cells of our body degenerate and mutate. And this manifests in disease and its symptoms.

BioNeuroTherapy is a refreshing way to understand and address our problems from the standpoint of the inseparable relationship between body, mind, and emotions. The Practitioner that one engages will promote a holistic treatment, (a therapy that considers the human being as a unit of the body, mind and spirit, treating it as a whole and not separately).

The Practitioner’s goal in BioNeuroTherapy is to allow the patient to realize a change of perception of their surroundings, percieved problems, and beliefs that he has lived, sometimes since his childhood, and to achieve with that change an emotional well-being, and through which, the cells of the body maintain balance. Healthy cells will not mutate and will not degenerate into disease. It is not sought to directly heal the body; it seeks to first heal the mind that infuses the body.

BioNeuroEmoción has demonstrated through years of study and investigation that the cause of disease is not outside of oneself. This is good news. Negative “programs” —of one’s unconscious beliefs and judgements, is the very root of disease— are eminently recognizable, workable, and can be tamed to wholeness.

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Written & Translated by: Carolina F. Harrison, Coach, Practitioner & Coach

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