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Don Manuel De la Cruz and his family set out to work for the education and cultural identity of the children of San Andrés Itzapa, in Chimaltenango more than 25 years ago. It is their way to give back to the community that helped out a member of their family who received treatment for a severe health complication.

La Asociación Nuevo Amanecer K’ak’a’ Saqarik has observed that in their community there are many indigenous children who drop out of school due to the lack of support from their parents. Today, this family of eight works together so that families can better themselves through the education and training of their children and adolescents, creating values and habits in them, that lead them to be men and women who change their society. Each day, around 30 children form the group of children who are part of their school reinforcement program, in addition to feeding them (they eat lunch three times a week in the Association after school), they help minors develop basic motor skills, memory, language and retention; necessary for good school performance. Through their Integral Mental Health Program, they teach them techniques and practice folkloric dances of San Andrés Itzapa, in order to provide a better personal development for the child and instill the love of their traditions and culture in the young children so that they can follow and promote them.

Thanks to the support of Panadería Santa Clara and Rainbow Café, the children have been able to demonstrate their dances in their facilities; and their mothers can sell handmade products to finance the association. (On October 24th, they will have a presentation at Rainbow Café).

Although resources are limited (so much so that the Association works in the family home), they receive grants that allow them to financially and materially support some students in their basic level program.

Don Manuel, at the head of the Association, dreams of a place where the program can work more loosely and this has become an important goal – so far more than 30 children are cared for. He knows he did not propose an easy task, but he and his family firmly believe that they will see the fruits of their labors in the new generation of young people who get ahead through education.

Nuevo Amanecer needs donations of all kinds (clothes, shoes and school supplies for children, and supplies to continue providing nutritious lunches). You can also sponsor one of the children in the program. They are also looking for volunteers who can give help to the indigenous children to provide a better education and special attention.


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