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Guatemala has very high maternal and infant mortality high rates, compare to other Latin American countries. Currently, only one third of women in Guatemala have used a modern family planning method. A 28% of women in the country report an unmet need for family planning. Unfortunately, funding for maternal and child health services, reproductive health education, and family planning are extremely limited.

In Asociación Manos Abiertas, future low-income mothers, who have had at least three prenatal appointments, can have the opportunity of a humanized and natural delivery without any cost; with professional care for her and the baby, in a healthy, safe and friendly environment; where all services are provided by women for women. Honoring women as a whole person, promoting their ability to express themselves, think and make autonomous decisions about their health and that of their family – without fear.

To raise money, they have a program for practicing students (nurses, midwives, doulas) who pay for their practices in AMA. Besides this, you can help a women have a beautiful experience in her birth, sponsoring a delivery (you can see their rates at the website).


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Translated by: Melissa Schroden

Photo by: Jessica Suarez

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