Cafe Condesa

Cafe Condesa
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Needing some motherly love?
Having recently celebrated it’s anniversary, Cafe Condesa provides you just that. It’s been a home-away-from-home for locals and travelers alike for over 24 years!
May is a special month for Condesa because out of the 70+ people who work there (among the restaurant and the three Cafe Condesa Express locations), over 60 of them are moms! They are celebrated on their special day and appreciated all year long!
Have a beautiful breakfast, a lovely lunch, an amazing dessert or a sumptuous snack prepared and served with motherly love! Ask the moms who work there for their all time favorite and the Blackberry Cream Gateau wins the prize… followed closely by the NY Cheesecake! Celebrate Mothers Day in the midst of many!

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