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  • Lunch with Ricky López

    Lunch with Ricky López

    When it comes to food, Ricky Lopez is your man. He’s a photographer, film maker, writer but most of all foodie. Last...

  • The Heart that Pumps Life into our Dream

    The Heart that Pumps Life into  our Dream

    It’s truly an honor to have reached our second anniversary and to be fortunate enough to occupy a place on the Guatemalan...

  • A Tale of Bread

    A Tale of Bread

    Bread plays a very important role in Guatemalan traditions. When families get together, to pray, to reflect, to make decisions, to celebrate...

  • Corn: A Food & A Deity

    Corn: A Food & A Deity

    Corn is a cereal grain native to Mesoamerica that was first found in Guatemala around 3000BC – in the Petén region –...

  • More about Coffee and Caffeine

    More about Coffee and Caffeine

    Caffeine is a drug and this naturally derived drug is found in varying quantities in the beans, leaves and fruit of certain...

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  • Centro Educativo KIDS Restaurant

    Centro Educativo KIDS Restaurant

    01 Jun 2016

    KIDS Restaurant is one of the programs provided by Tess Sin Limites; an organization located in San Gaspar Vivar and founded 6...

  • Kakaw – The drink of the Gods

    Kakaw – The drink of the Gods

    01 Jun 2016

    Cacao (scientific name ‘theobroma cacao’) is a common word in the Mayan vocabulary, used to refer to what is considered their most...

  • Moringa and its Properties

    Moringa and its Properties

    01 Jun 2016

    Moringa is a fantastic plant that boasts unparalleled medicinal qualities in its leaves, flowers and roots. In ancient Indian medicine it was...



    01 Jun 2016

    Historically Accurate Puddles As the old Rodgers & Hammerstein song says, “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over”. (And this citation once again...

  • Cinq Wines

    Cinq Wines

    01 Jun 2016

    Last week, I had the pleasure to be invited to an excellent wine tasting at Jakes Restaurant in Guatemala City. Hosted by...

  • The Chilies of Guatemala

    The Chilies of Guatemala

    01 Jun 2016

    One of the most important contributions of Mesoamerican agriculture to the world is the chili. With a huge number of varieties, the...

  • Radiestesia, Nutrition and Health

    Radiestesia, Nutrition and Health

    01 Jun 2016

    The word radiestesia is derived from the Latin radius (which means ‘ray’ or ‘beam’) and the Greek ‘aisthanomai’ (which means ‘to feel’)....

  • Blind Wine Tastings !

    Blind Wine Tastings !

    01 May 2016

    We have come to realize there is an art to tasting wine, especially if it involves doing it while not being able...

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  • El Libro del Ron

    El Libro del Ron

    On May 11, the presentation of El Libro del Ron (the book of rum) took place. This book is the result of...

  • Café Sky

    Café Sky

    Cada día / Daily 8 AM-11 PM  1a Avenida Sur #15 / 78327300  cafeskyantigua@hotmail.com This plate is piled high with so much meat...

  • Delicias Quetzaltecas

    Delicias Quetzaltecas

    7a Avenida Norte #80 7832-0737 Mon-Sat 7 AM-5 PM Go and try Delicias Quetzaltecas’ scrumptious Quetzaltenango-style food, right here in La Antigua....

  • Radish Salad

    Radish Salad

    Picado de rábano (radish salad) is easily prepared and combined with all sorts of food in Guatemala – that includes, of course,...

  • Honey Mask for Dry Skin

    Honey Mask for Dry Skin

    You will need one teaspoon of mashed avocado, one teaspoon of plain yogurt and one teaspoon of raw honey. Mix ingredients in...

  • Promociones Del Día De La Madre

    Promociones Del Día De La Madre

    Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours Consiente a mamá con una noche de spa rodeada de la naturaleza. El paquete incluye 1 noche...

  • Cafe Condesa

    Cafe Condesa

    Sun-Thu 7 AM-8 PM Fri-Sat 7 AM-9 PM Breakfast at Cafe Condesa is always something special and served all day long. Now,...

  • A Night in the Museums

    A Night in the Museums

    On Friday, May 20th, the Directorate General of University Extension and the Museum of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, in...

  • Ana Lucía Soto Godoy

    Ana Lucía Soto Godoy

    Do you remember that one year ago we introduced you to Ana Lucía Soto Godoy? She is a 15-year-old Antigüeña who is...

  • Have you tried Chorizos?

    Have you tried Chorizos?

    Traditional Guatemalan cuisine is rich in colors and flavors and is prepared not only with easy-to-find ingredients – although they’ll later need...

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  • Que Pasó in June 2016

    Que Pasó in June 2016

    Bistro Cinq Suburbia Mesón Panza Verde San Martín La Fonda De La Calle Real Ganache Club Fotográfico Antigua Antigua International School Graveyard...

  • Que Pasó in May 2016

    Que Pasó in May 2016

    Coeli y Qué Gusto Del Arco Fridas Lava Londoner Ocelot Mesón Panza Verde Suburbia  

  • Que Pasó in April 2016

    Que Pasó in April 2016

    Preapertura London Bridge Maridaje Del Arco y ChocoMuseo Cafe Condesa Fridas  ChocoMuseo Lava Ático De Fridas Gaia 

  • Que Pasó in March 2016

    Que Pasó in March 2016

    Mesón Panza Verde La Tortilla Cooking School Gomez Arroyo y Asociados Café Sky Casa Blanca NiFuNiFa Del Arco Fridas Lava

  • Que Pasó in February 2016

    Que Pasó in February 2016

    El Ático de Fridas Angeline ChocoMuseo Marimba de Sábado Doña Luisa Del Arco Cafe Sky Lava

  • Que Pasó in January 2016

    Que Pasó in January 2016

    Gifts Of Giving Panza Verde Quema del Diablo Los Tres Tiempos Antigua’s Signs Auction Fonda de la Calle Real Cafe Condesa Convivio...

  • Que Paso in December 2015

    Que Paso in December 2015

    Fridas Namasté Angeline Rainbow Café HALLOWEEN Lava Fridas Whisky Den Ocelot Monoloco

  • Que Paso in November 2015

    Que Paso in November 2015

    Lava Bistrot Cinq Ocelot Aniversario Ni-Fu Ni-Fa El Delfín Fridas Star Fans Monoloco Whisky Den Scott Kelby’s WWPW 2015

  • Que Paso in October 2015

    Que Paso in October 2015

    Presentation of  The forthcoming Good Hotel El vochito de Fridas   Festival en La Casa del Río Celebraciones del 15 de Septiembre en La Antigua  ...

  • Que Paso in September 2015

    Que Paso in September 2015

    Que paso in Choco Museo Fun with chocolate.     Que paso in Nifu Nifa Good meat, great atmosphere, and excellent service. Que...

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