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  • The Potential of Guatemala around the world

    The Potential of Guatemala around the world

    The history of cooking has already celebrated the French tradition of cuisine classique and nouvelle cuisine, and then there was the exotic...

  • Discover the Flavours of Guatemala

    Discover the Flavours of Guatemala

    The gastronomic identity of Guatemala is part of all of us Guatemalans, of who we are, the way we eat – almost...

  • Chapin Words 2

    Chapin Words 2

    Shuco: Delicious toasted bread with your choice of different sausages or meats, topped with guacamole, cabbage, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup. Chuchito: Corn...

  • Enlace Guatemala

    Enlace Guatemala

    ENLACE was founded in 2005 with its first graduate, which quickly became widely accepted and soon spread throughout the interior of the...

  • The Lake and its Towns

    The Lake and its Towns

    Lake Atitlán lies majestically in the Department of Sololá and is one of the most important natural tourist attractions in the country....

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  • Chocobananos


    01 Aug 2017

    During our childhood we could not miss eating a chocobanano, it’s so famous in the popular gastronomy of Guatemala that -in any...

  • San Crispín y el Zapatero

    San Crispín y el Zapatero

    01 Aug 2017

    On October 25th, San Crispín and San Crispiano are celebrated, brothers who dedicated themselves to evangelizing and at night -for their sustenance-...

  • The Cobblestones of La Antigua

    The Cobblestones of La Antigua

    01 Aug 2017

    A characteristic of the colonial appearance of La Antigua is the cobblestones, as it is the way in which the Spanish Crown...

  • Visit Jocotenango

    Visit Jocotenango

    01 Aug 2017

    As you go along Calle Ancha de los Herreros, towards the North – after 5 minutes weaving through all the cyclists and...

  • Words by chapines

    Words by chapines

    05 Jul 2017

    The Guatemalans excel at, among many things, by our characteristics and unusual words or expressions chapinas. Many of these need translation for...

  • At the Fair

    At the Fair

    01 Jul 2017

    This is the month, in which all the antigüeños, begin the countdown for the day at the fair. On July 25th, the...

  • Conversations, Cocktails & Absinthe

    Conversations, Cocktails & Absinthe

    01 Jul 2017

    The Ocelot bar has been a part of Antigua nightlife for a long time, serving drinks and providing fun for locals and...

  • Art in the streets of Comalapa

    Art in the streets of Comalapa

    01 Jul 2017

    An artist has the ability, and the gift, to create art out of even the simplest of things; and the large number...

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  • Café Sky

    Café Sky

    This plate is piled high with so much meat that it could easily serve four. Imagine generous portions of beef tenderloin, pork...

  • Café Condesa

    Café Condesa

    In a hurry? Cafe Condesa Express has many of the goodies from the restaurant ready to go. Excellent espresso drinks, ices, hot...

  • El Reposo

    El Reposo

      The hair-care products that El Reposo offers are inspired by nature and the wide range of ingredients that you can find...

  • Edible Flowers

    Edible Flowers

    For some time now it is common for chefs to use flowers to decorate their dishes, now in haute cuisine and bakery...

  • Bajoneando Around La Antigua

    Bajoneando Around La Antigua

    Antigua is famous in the world for being one of the most beautiful cities in Guatemala, for its history and culture, for...

  • Pairing with beer

    Pairing with beer

    The pairing is the art that seeks to find the perfect balance between the taste of the beer and the food, the...

  • Digestive Beverages

    Digestive Beverages

    The function of these beverages is to stimulate the digestion process and provide a good after-meal flavor. A characteristic of these drinks...

  • Churro


    The churro is dough with a base of wheat flour, cooked in boiling oil. When they are fried, they are then sprinkled...

  • Eat nuts every day

    Eat nuts every day

    Including nuts into our daily diet can cause more benefit than you can imagine. Here are three reasons why you should start...

  • Veggies High End

    Veggies High End

    High End or haute cuisine is becoming more common in hotels and a restaurant, so tasting a dish with products of extreme...

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  • Qué Pasó Julio 2017

    Qué Pasó Julio 2017


  • Que paso Junio 2017

    Que paso Junio 2017

    Vudú Bar Lava Steve McCurry en casa Troccolli Bistro Cinq RAMA 10 aniversario Wuqu´Kawoq-Maya Health Aliance

  • Qué Pasó Febrero 2017

    Qué Pasó Febrero 2017

    Del Arco Lava Vudú Bar Ocelot Fridas Café Sky

  • Qué Pasó Enero 2017

    Qué Pasó Enero 2017

    Del Arco Presentación de Diablas Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe Tributo a Ana Gabriel en los Tres Tiempos Noche de Tango...

  • Qué Pasó Diciembre

    Qué Pasó Diciembre

    En la Fonda de la Calle Real En los Tres Tiempos Un Mensaje al Cielo En Restaurante Del Arco En la Carrera de...

  • Qué Pasó Noviembre 2016

    Qué Pasó Noviembre 2016

    C’Santos Michos Inauguración Exposición EL Ático de Fridas Starfans GT en Camino Real Octubre Fotográfico

  • Qué Pasó Octubre 2016

    Qué Pasó Octubre 2016

    Los Patojos Fiesta en Michos Caminata Club Fotográfico de Antigua Joyería del Ángel Parma Casa del Ron

  • Que Pasó Septiembre 2016

    Que Pasó Septiembre 2016

    Casa Palopó Tasting Desfile Celebración Patrono Santiago Apóstol Ático de Fridas Festival Gastronómico de Sacatepéquez Inauguración Pensativo House Hotel Chefs y Amigos en Suburbia Vudú Bar...

  • Que Pasó Agosto 2016

    Que Pasó Agosto 2016

    Amanecer Juice Bar Ático de Fridas Bullseye Gaia Del Arco Inauguración Parque Central Feria San Pedro la Huertas Casa Popenoe 

  • Que Pasó July 2016

    Que Pasó July 2016

    Ático de Fridas Cata en Suburbia Ostería Di Francesco Del Arco Elección San Juan del obispo Old Town Outfitters

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