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  • The burning of the devil

    The burning of the devil

    December is by far the most anticipated month of the year in various parts of the world, and Guatemala is no exception....

  • Celebrating La Guadalupana

    Celebrating La Guadalupana

    On December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe) is celebrated. On this day...

  • Flowers of easter

    Flowers of easter

    Christmas season is here! Get to know a little something about what gives color to these holidays. During the end-of-year holiday season,...

  • Las Posadas

    Las Posadas

    The Christmas season in Guatemala translates to celebrations, parties, food and, of course, traditions. One of the Catholic celebrations that take place...

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  • José Luis Barillas

    José Luis Barillas

    30 Nov 2017

    When and how did the idea of the Maya Silver shop arise? In 1979 we opened the silver shop. The idea arose...

  • Christmas concert: A Gift for the Colonial City

    Christmas concert: A Gift for the Colonial City

    30 Nov 2017

    El Patronato de Catedral de La Antigua – constituted by the Catholic Church and the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Guatemala, Monsignor...

  • 125 Years of Chichicastenango’s Convite

    125 Years of Chichicastenango’s Convite

    30 Nov 2017

    Chichicastenango –a city rich in culture, beliefs, and traditions– celebrates the 125rd anniversary of its convite this December 8th. A convite is...

  • Community Tour Entre Volcanes

    Community Tour Entre Volcanes

    30 Nov 2017

    The Coffee Tour, was created by group of small coffee growers, who with effort and dedication in the year 2006, began a...

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  • Café Condesa

    Café Condesa

    Café Condesa MAP A5/B5/C3 7832-0038    /CafeCondesaAntigua   Coffee….coffee, coffee…  the PERFECT gift for Christmas…. especially the Antigua bean which is renown...

  • Café Sky

    Café Sky

    Café Sky 1a Avenida Sur #15 MAP D3 Cada día / Daily 8 AM-11 PM CafeSkyAntigua 7832-7300   Este increíble plato fácilmente...

  • Ponche


    Fruit punch is a Guatemalan Christmas drink, traditionally it is drank hot, but there are those who enjoy it cold and even...

  • Tamales colorados y negros

    Tamales colorados y negros

    In Guatemala we eat tamales (sweet or salty) at any time of the year, but in December we eat them more often....

  • Paches


    Paches are traditional to Quetzaltenango and that is why the main ingredient is potatoes, which are produced in the nearby municipalities. The...

  • Kak’ik de Chompipe

    Kak’ik de Chompipe

    The Kak’ik is an original recipe of Alta Verapaz and is known as the red broth of chompipe; and in 2007 it...

  • Nísperos


    This fleshy orange fruit is familiar this time of the year, the antigüeños know that the best nísperos are at San Juan...

  • Fruit of Marzipan

    Fruit of Marzipan

    The typical Guatemalan sweets are famous for their delicious flavor. These products have been made for so long, they are part of...

  • Chickpeas in Honey

    Chickpeas in Honey

    Chickpeas in honey are a traditional Guatemalan dessert, the time to eat them is inaugurated on November 1st, typically after a good...

  • Café sky

    Café sky

    This plate is piled high with so much meat that it could easily serve four. Imagine generous portions of beef tenderloin, pork...

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  • Qué Pasó Noviembre 2017

    Qué Pasó Noviembre 2017

    Bistro Cinq con Pablo Soto Star Fans en Camino Real Comisión Sociocultural de La Antigua Devine Fine Wine Restaurant & Bar Octubre...

  • Qué Pasó Octubre 2017

    Qué Pasó Octubre 2017

    Cactus El Sabor del Tiempo Los Tres Tiempos   Ni-Fu-Ni-Fa Sabores de Mi Tierra

  • Qué Pasó Septiembre 2017

    Qué Pasó Septiembre 2017

    Bistrot Cinq – Mircini Moliviati Bullseye LAVA The Ocelot bar Old Town Outhitters VUDU  

  • Qué Pasó Julio 2017

    Qué Pasó Julio 2017


  • Que paso Junio 2017

    Que paso Junio 2017

    Vudú Bar Lava Steve McCurry en casa Troccolli Bistro Cinq RAMA 10 aniversario Wuqu´Kawoq-Maya Health Aliance

  • Qué Pasó Febrero 2017

    Qué Pasó Febrero 2017

    Del Arco Lava Vudú Bar Ocelot Fridas Café Sky

  • Qué Pasó Enero 2017

    Qué Pasó Enero 2017

    Del Arco Presentación de Diablas Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe Tributo a Ana Gabriel en los Tres Tiempos Noche de Tango...

  • Qué Pasó Diciembre

    Qué Pasó Diciembre

    En la Fonda de la Calle Real En los Tres Tiempos Un Mensaje al Cielo En Restaurante Del Arco En la Carrera de...

  • Qué Pasó Noviembre 2016

    Qué Pasó Noviembre 2016

    C’Santos Michos Inauguración Exposición EL Ático de Fridas Starfans GT en Camino Real Octubre Fotográfico

  • Qué Pasó Octubre 2016

    Qué Pasó Octubre 2016

    Los Patojos Fiesta en Michos Caminata Club Fotográfico de Antigua Joyería del Ángel Parma Casa del Ron

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